Greensand Trails lists locations and events around the Greensand Ridge area of Bedfordshire.  It covers several well-known walking, cycling and riding trails crossing Bedfordshire, including the Greensand Ridge Trail, the Ivel Valley Trail and the Bunyan Trail.

Hidden Bedfordshire is easy to reach, with fast rail links to London and the Midlands and is crossed by the M1 and A1 motoways.  The ideal location for those seeking to escape city life or just enjoy a break in the country, Bedfordshire offers a rolling landscape of steep sandy hills dotted with woodland, picturesque villages and grand country estates.  With so many walking and riding trails you do not need a car to enjoy Bedfordshire.

Use this site to explore and discover the delights that Bedfordshire has to offer, including attractions, accomodation, pubs and restaurants, landscapes and routes.  Locations and events are categorized with map references, and tagged by type allowing easy browsing to plan your visit.  Some of the locations and events also have links for online enquiries or booking.